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Looking for augmented reality app development company for your next project? We specialise in AR, artificial intelligence, deep learning and augmented reality. Our team can help you build an intelligent digital experience that will help you achieve higher levels of efficiency and keep you ahead of competition.


What We Do

Thanks to many years of software development in various areas, we have gained invaluable technical competences, which we use and constantly improve to provide the best services and build excellent AR apps

Convolutional neural networks

Convolutional neural networks, or CNN, are at the forefront of all AI software development. CNN are a primary choice when it comes to image recognition and image analysis software. Our team has implemented CNN in numerous projects, from text recognition apps to complex image recognition systems.

Machine learning

From augmenting human creativity to reaching new levels of efficiency, systems based on machine learning will help your business to achieve its goals. We use machine learning algorithms in image and text recognition projects and computer vision systems.

Deep learning

Deep learning algorithms are a must have for large dataset management. We employ deep learning algorithms when developing natural language processing systems, object detection systems and complex image and text recognition software. We combine the latest deep learning technologies with a product-first approach to deliver systems that outperform your expectations.


Augmented reality offers a wide range of experiences that revolutionise business. Our AR team are experts in analysing business issues and developing innovative solutions that elevates your business to the next level. We have a number of successful AR projects in our portfolio, from interactive maps to virtual billboards and interactive city widgets, that showcase just how powerful AR systems can be for business of any size.

Technology Stack

Core ML

Trasforming Business With Artificial Intelligence

We take your business to the next level with artificial intelligence and machine learning

Advertisement and marketing

We build AR apps that bring advertisement to a next level. We worked with advertisement and tourist agencies to bring their potential clients a completely new experience of seeing a digital world integrated into the reality through a smartphone camera. 


AR development can be used for navigation in apps. We have also developed map apps for universities and museums that allow users project a 3D map onto surfaces and help with navigation. Interactive maps can build shortest routes using filters that the user specified: only stairs, only elevators, route for a a disabled person, etc.


We employed artificial intelligence in our healthcare projects to recognize the results of various measurements, for example, blood sugar and process them into a comprehensive report. This technology ensures fast and reliable results which is essential in such an industry.

Document recognition

We completed a number of document recognition projects, including one on processing complicated delivery paperwork into easy-to-read reports. With artificial intelligence, we handled cases of varying difficulty such as multiple pages for one delivery case, multiple documents for one delivery case and more.

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